Crigglestone Parish Council is responsible for trees in Betty Eastwood Park and at Durkar Lane, Howard Crescent and Willow Garth. These areas are inspected on a regular basis by the Parish Council and an independent risk assessment is carried out every two years.

The Parish Council will act in accordance with Wakefield Council’s Policies (page 22) as follows:

  • If a tree that is owned or managed by the Parish Council is touching private property (dwelling, house, wall, garage etc), the Parish Council will take action to remove the nuisance.
  • The Parish Council will not prune or fell trees that overhang private property or that block natural light or block views. Adjoining owners may cut back overhanging branches with the Council’s prior consent.
  • The Council will not prune, fell or cut roots to prevent roots entering private drains.
  • The Council will not prune or fell trees that affect private property by reason of leaf, blossom or fruit fall, effect of sap, bird droppings, or wildlife and insects in trees.
  • The Council will not prune or fell trees to improve satellite and television reception or the performance of solar collectors or to reduce interference with telephone wires.
  • The Council will not prune or fell any tree considered to be ‘too big’ or ‘too tall’.
  • The Council will look into reports of vandalism to its trees and try to repair damage.
  • If Council trees are associated with crime or anti-social behaviour, measures will be considered to address the problem.
  • Claims for subsidence damage due to Council trees should be pursued through property owners’ insurance in the first instance
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