Council PreceptAbout the precept

Crigglestone Parish is a Civil Parish as opposed to an Ecclesiastical Parish. It is an independent local democratic unit serving an area covering Crigglestone, Calder Grove, Chapelthorpe, Durkar, Hall Green, Hollingthorpe, Newmillerdam and Painthorpe. It has a Council of 11 (eleven) Councillors who are elected every four years; the next election will be in May 2023. The Parish Council meets on the first Tuesday of each month (except August – no meeting, or where otherwise notified) in the Village Institute, High Street, Crigglestone at 6.00pm. The public are welcome at these meetings and can speak on issues/concerns they may have in the 15 minute public session held at the beginning of the meeting, (please arrive at 6.00pm).

An Annual Parish Meeting is held each year in April when the Chairman of the Parish Council gives a report on the working of the Council over the year.

The Council’s main income is by way of a Parish Rate (officially called a precept), which is a charge on each household in the Parish. The precept for 2020/21 is £83,145.00. The amount charged to householders varies according to the Band in which the dwelling is placed for Council Tax purposes. For a dwelling in Category D (the average) the Parish Rate for 2020/21 is £24.78 per annum (compared with £22.56 in 2019/20) a £2.21 increase per annum, or 4p per week.  For those living in dwellings in Band A to C it will be slightly less and those who live in band E to H it will be slightly more. The actual charge for your dwelling will be shown on your Council Tax bill that will be issued in the next few months.

Parish Councils are the cheapest form of local government. They receive no government grants, so they have every incentive to keep expenditure low.

Parish Councils have become more important because District Councils have become larger and more remote. The Parish Council works hard to improve the area in any way open to them. It tries to protect the area by carefully scrutinising all planning applications and by encouraging Action Groups to join with it to campaign against proposals which may badly affect the Parish area.

The Council also makes grants to organisations for specific projects.

Remembering that Parish Councillors are volunteers and know the area very well, they act as a body to represent the views of people in the Parish to, not only the District Council but the Health Authority, Public Utilities and Government departments. They can appoint governors to local schools and charities and are continually trying to improve, within their means and powers the Crigglestone Parish area.

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