Chairmans badgeThe story behind the Chairman’s Badge of office

The outer edge of the badge represents the boundary of the Parish and ancient Township of Crigglestone. The ten stars within the boundary represent the villages within the Parish.

The fleur-de-lis is the Coat of Arms of the City of Wakefield and the scallop shell the symbol of St James, – the Ecclesiastical Parish within which Crigglestone is wholly situated.

The M1 motorway crosses the centre of the badge, dividing the old from the new.

To the left of the motorway are shown the headgear of the old colliery at Crigglestone, the old Chemic chimney at Painthorpe and the old corn mill at Newmillerdam.

Old Crigglestone is joined by the motorway bridge on Cliffe Road to modern Crigglestone, depicted by the Community Centre at Little Cliffe, and Dane Royd School.

The sprig of barley represents the farming community, which links both past and present Crigglestone. The dove characterizes the rural aspect of the Parish.

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