Friends of Betty Eastwood Park

The Friends of Betty Eastwood Park are a group of volunteers whose intentions are to make the Park more user friendly, keep trees and shrubs pruned and tidy, plant bulbs and other flowering shrubs, litter pick and create wildlife habitats. Long term we hope to create a family picnic/play area and develop the pond and BMX track, have more seating and keep the pathways maintained. If you are at a loose end and feel you might be able to contribute in any way, we are meeting in the Park at the Haveroid Lane entrance on Wednesday afternoons at 1pm & Sunday afternoons at 2pm. Come along and meet us, we are a friendly bunch. Join in to create a safer environment for all users and the wildlife. We are in the process of writing bids for funds to enable us to carry out the above.  Suggestions from anyone would be gratefully received. We are also looking out for sponsors (local garden centres, landscape gardeners or even local superstores). If interested please contact Margaret Skinner on 01924 259838. We would like to reassure people that the Friends of Betty Eastwood Park are not destroying the wildlife habitats, far from it we are creating more, while at the same time ensuring the Park is a more hospitable place for families to enjoy a bit of the countryside on their doorstep. A lot of the pruning we are doing is to enable the more established trees and shrubs to survive, because at the moment trees and shrubs are fighting for what little soil there is. We are also planting bulbs including Bluebells, Snowdrops and Daffodils, and by next spring we hope to introduce some more flowering shrubs, all this to encourage insects and birds. There is a plan for more bird and owl boxes. If you're interested in joining us then turn up on one of the above times or phone Margaret Skinner on the above number.